The Black Elite Won’t Save Us Pt. 4

Jordan McGowan
8 min readDec 24, 2021
regardless what they say… there can be no belief in amerikkka nor her “democracy”

I must admit that I am personally getting away from the term Black and instead, am being intentional about calling us by our true identity: Afrikan. In this case, however, I will be calling this group of Afrikan people the “Black elite.” As I was preparing to write this message I went back and re-read all of my previous pieces in the “Black Elite Won’t Save Us” series and realized that at no point have I been explicit in naming who these “Black elite’’ are and wish to address that first for clarity. The term “Black elite” came to light for me through studying Kwame Ture, specifically his book Black Power. “The white power structure rules the black community through local blacks who are responsive to the white leaders, the downtown, white machine, not to the black populace.” The “Black elite” class functions within this framework; through these Afrikans who are permitted to ascend the heights of kkkolonial society we, the masses/field niggas, are “left stranded to stare at the glamorous lives advertised around” us, while these Black elite live comfortably off our continued exploitation. The Black elite do not necessarily have to be millionaires or even have fame but some sort of status within this euro-kkkolonizer society is enough for them, truly this idea of Black elite is really an ideology of self-hate. A sect of euro-kkkolonizer supremacy that equates freedom with one’s individual ability to move freely in kkkracka society. These house niggas, as Malcolm referred to them as, see themselves as smarter, more driven, more ambitious than the poor, and often take on the same ways of thinking as the euro-kkkolonizer. With this understanding, we must examine and analyze the methods and tactics being used by the euro-kkkolonizer through the Black elite. The kkkolonizers propaganda is always meant to curb our anger and will to fight through concessions for the Black elite, as symbolic signs of progress. This is precisely the tactic we can see being utilized at this moment and we must acknowledge once again, the Black Elite Won’t Save Us!

Black Love is that thing that makes you believe in amerikkkan democracy, even when amerikkkan democracy doesn’t believe in you.

Kimberlé Crenshaw

Black Love has been the antithesis of amerikkka since Afrikans were captured & trafficked across the Atlantic Ocean. Black Love led to…

Jordan McGowan

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