Only a Fool Would Let His Enemy Teach His Children: Why We Need Liberated Learning

Jordan McGowan
5 min readMay 22, 2021

As I have said repeatedly, the kkkapitalist kkkolonizers of Turtle Island (amerikkka) are engaged in a War Against African and Brown Indigenous People; this war takes place on several fronts. I believe that the kkkolonizers have been so effective in winning this war because they have controlled the narrative of who we are and what our goals should be through the education system. That is why the education system is the single most oppressive and racist institution in amerikkka, this is the only system that has EVERY child from age 5–18 and feeds them amerikkkan propaganda from 8 am to 3 pm, five days a week. This education system tells our babies to stand up, put their hand over their hearts and pledge allegiance to a flag that is at war with them. It tells them to look up to kkkolonizers who enslaved, beat, r*ped, tortured, and killed even their own children who happened to be African. So what does that teach our children about their own self-worth? This amerikkkan education system is a form of assimilating and ethnic cleansing, as Dead Prez wrote “school is like a 12 step brainwash camp”, looking to kill the Indigeneity and save the amerikkkan so much that we send our babies to school in uniforms and require them to walk in straight lines as if they are in the military, or even worse incarcerated. We allow this system to shape our babies, and as Brotha Malik El Shabazz said “only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.”

This week was the 67th anniversary of the Brown v Board of Education decision that integrated schools and as we reflect on that decision, we must critically analyze if that decision was truly beneficial for the Liberation of Africans inside the kkkolony. The integration of education has only hurt and slowed down our struggle for freedom; our babies are repeatedly taught through amerikkkan propaganda which leads to an increased state of our People’s neurosis. This is evident through the dissociation so many Black people have with identifying as African, to the point where a group of Black people within the kkkolony consider themselves “American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS)” yet refuse to believe they are African. This is a by-product, simply a symptom, of the neurosis amerikkkanism produces within our people. This is why it is so imperative that we are able to…

Jordan McGowan

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