I Love You To The Stars & Back

Jordan McGowan
3 min readJul 24, 2021

I Love You To The Moon & Back

I Love You To The Stars & Back

I Love You To The Farm & Back

I’ll race you to the car & back

I Love You To The Sun & Back

I Love You Got Yo Brothas Back

I Love You All The Way To Space & Back

I Love The Way You Strong & Black

I Love You Around The World & Back

& That’s Why I Could Never Crack

Trade My Life For Yours If It Was Ever That

All Because I Love You To The Stars & Back

Baby you are turning 5 years old and daddy is so proud of all of your fabulousness; but I wanted to share some of the beautiful things you have taught me in these last 5 years. You, my beautiful girl; are everything I could ask for and more and just like all the books you have seen me read, videos you see me watching and classes or meetings I am paying attention to; none of them have taught me more than being your father. I knew I wanted to grow as a father because of you and I have; sometimes in ways I expected and some I didn’t, but all of them bringing me growth; and for that I am so grateful and so much better.

First, your naming process taught me a lot. I was in charge of selecting your first name and that meant a lot to me. I tried a first name-middle name combo to start but mom wasn’t feeling it. Throughout the name picking process though I began reflecting on our family, the legacy that will be shaped through you and your siblings and what a name really means; it also really challenged my views and the way I moved in the world. Girl Dad seemed so much more complex than Boy Dad.

When you were born, I was coaching football and we were a football family; truthfully mom went into labor during a team bowling night. As your mom was in labor I was taught another lesson: always listen to mom. She knew what was going on with her body better than these european doctors did and I didn’t listen to mom but God and the Ancestors covered and protected y’all and praise God you arrived healthy with a full head of hair. One of the most gorgeous babies I have seen truly.

And since then it has been non-stop lessons; in patience, in communication, in my language , in honoring others feelings, in problem solving, in how I respond. I remember how after I had read Assata my worldview was…

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