Capitalism Kills

Jordan McGowan
5 min readOct 16, 2020
Photo from BPP’s The Black Panther

We’re in the land of the free where everything costs

-Rexx Life Raj

Capitalism kills. Every. Single. Day. Capitalism plus racism equals fascism, to quote the Panthers.

If it wasn’t evident already, let’s take a quick look at where this country is currently at right now as of October 2020. The country has been drastically changed forever by this government’s mishandling of COVID-19. Over 200,000 families were forced to mourn, grieve and lay to rest their loved ones who lost their life from a virus because our society only provides healthcare for those who can afford it. If the moral consciousness of America was ever in question, let’s just look at how the President was able to get immediate treatment from a team of high-level medical professionals as soon as he announced his diagnosis, compared to hundreds or thousands of citizens who were turned away, left to suffer and die due to a lack of access to healthcare. If a clinically obese 74-year-old man with pre-existing conditions can beat COVID in less than three days, there is no reason so many human beings lost their life in this country; well besides the fact that they simply couldn’t afford to because capitalism kills. While conservatives will continue to be open about their intentions to keep prioritizing profits over people, Neoliberals continue to reiterate talking points about Obama Care and single-payer healthcare. We have watched for years the cries of the poor and sick go unheard, unnoticed and outright ignored. Biden has opposed a “Medicare for All” system for years, and still cannot jump on board despite a global pandemic. Ultimately, capitalism will always win as long as we continue to participate in this evil system and believe the only choice we have is deciding to select the lesser of two evils.

Capitalism kills. The same society that will allow for those who can’t afford to pay for medical attention, also allows for children to go hungry and for thousands of people to be unhoused every day. In Sacramento County alone, we have roughly 6000 folxs who are unhoused on any given night. The folxs who have committed themselves to the work of fighting for the people’s basic human rights have calculated that it would cost approximately $121 Million to put all of our unhoused folxs in long term housing. $121 million is $35million less than Sacramento PD’s…

Jordan McGowan

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